Bavubuka Foundation We Got Skillz - Global Voice 2008
WE GOT SKILLZ - 2008, Live From Uganda
A Live & Interactive Multicast via the Internet
We Got Skillz - 2008, Live From Uganda, Africa
From Kampala, Uganda in Africa

Disclaimer & Terms Notice:

The live multicast event is provided solely for informational and entertainment purposes, and for activities related to the "We Got Skillz - Global Voice 2008" event. While we believe the information presented during the broadcast is accurate, we and/or our affiliates and sponsors cannot be held responsible or liable for the accuracy of the information, the timeliness of the broadcast, or errors & omissions of information that is presented in the broadcast, whether caused by negligence or not. Like any real-time online broadcast event, there are a number of factors that can affect the quality and timeliness of the broadcast such as network traffic, local conditions of your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and your computer system. Event/meeting/multicast sessions may be recorded and all recorded content, or portions thereof, may be used for future promotional, demonstrative and/or educational purposes at the sole discretion of Asita Informatica.

Viewers of the "We Got Skillz - Global Voice 2008" Multicast Event understand that the online broadcast is made available strictly for viewing purposes only. By clicking "Enter Multicast" below, you acknowledge your understanding and acceptance of these terms.

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We Got Skillz - France
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