WE GOT SKILLZ - 2008, Live From Uganda
A Live & Interactive Multicast via the Internet
We Got Skillz - 2008, Live From Uganda, Africa

From "MOKAS Internet Cafe" in Kampala, Uganda in Africa
MOKAS - "Taste The Difference"

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Bavubuka Foundation We Got Skillz - Global Voice 2008

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We Got Skillz - Global Voice 2008
"Live From Uganda"
Kampala, Uganda

Bavubuka Foundation in conjunction with Heart In Action, Star Image Uganda and No End Entertainment realizes the close relationship between basketball, music, fashion and dance in hip-hop culture. Hence we are introducing an annual hip-hop event called “We Got Skillz” that will bring together these four areas to create a conscience and empowering experience.

The event will include local and international artists, DJs, producers (both audio and visual), athletes, break-dancers, graffiti and spoken word performers. Hip-hop supporters worldwide will be invited to celebrate the growth and development of East African hip-hop culture. The event will take place in Kampala, Uganda over the week of (and coincide with) International AIDS day (December 1st). This event will be multicast live in real time over the Internet through technology, supported and provided by Heart in Action Enterprises.


These sessions will bring Schools and Youth Groups from Vancouver, Canada; Kampala, Uganda and Paris, France to discuss some of the most pressing global issues of our time.

Discussion topics will include:

... as well as methods and solutions that are needed to transform our world. What are different organizations doing to address these challenges? What role can youth play to affect change? How are the arts, entertainment, education and technology industries shaping the global landscape?
December 3, 2008: Live Connection with Participating Schools
  December 6, 2008: Concert
Vancouver, BC - Lord Byng Secondary School: http://byng.vsb.bc.ca/
  France - Bulles d' Oxygene: www.bullesdoxygene.fr
  Uganda - youth and students who attend Aga Khan Secondary School
  Zambia - also, Auldridge Chibbwalu of WGS Zambia has organized New Waves Hope African youth to watch the online event from an Internet Café -Mubanda Computer Center in Livingston, Zambia
  Special New York Guest Speaker - Nile Rodgers
     Nile's Website:  www.nilerodgers.com
     Nile's Press Kit: www.nilerodgers.com/NR-PressKit.htm
December 3 (School Connection event)
     8 - 11 pm Uganda (= GMT +3)
     5 - 8 pm (GMT)

     12 noon - 3 pm (EST = GMT - 5)
     9 am - 12 noon (PST = GMT -8)
 Featured  Events:
International Musicians, Hip-Hop,
Dance, Basketball, Fashion Designers
www.wegotskillz.org or www.bavubuka.com
  France Promotion Team & the Hip Hop Dancers: RStyle
 Press  Release:
WE GOT SKILLZ - Global Voice 2008
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WE GOT SKILLZ - Global Voice 2008

Event and Sponsorship Package Information
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Heart In Action - Educating Youth For Future Leaders Of Tomorrow 

The power to touch the world continues globally.

"We Got Skillz - Global Voice 2008"
Presented by Heart In Action Enterprises, Bavubuka Foundation,
Star Image Uganda & No End Entertainment
We Got Skillz
Heart In Action Enterprises

Bavubuka Foundation

 New Hope Waves


Bulles d'Oxygene

The Calling Voice Project 

MOKAS "Taste The Difference"


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